Merry Christmas?!!!


I can’t believe Christmas is in less than a week! Anyone else NOT feeling it this year??? I did really well shopping right after Thanksgiving, but as of now I am not even CLOSE to being done… nor do I feel like I really care… Not sure if it’s because of the Thomas fire (which has been super close to home and made me and my family super sick!) or if it just snuck up on me, but it doesn’t feel like Christmas! I hate that feeling!

So my question is… what do you guys do to get yourself in the Christmas spirit?? My kid refuses to go see Santa, I have been listening to Christmas music, I’ve donated things… what else?? Make cookies? I’ve even watched Elf (my all time fave), and that didn’t help!! I guess I have to push through this funk! The only normal thing about this time of year is that I’ve been SO busy at work- I am so exhausted- and I can’t stop eating sweets!

I hope the actual day will make me feel more in the spirit, and I hope you all have a beautiful day with your family! That’s what I am looking forward to the most!


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